la ricerca del tratufo

Traditional hunt

Look for truffles with the dog

Traditionally for the search for truffles were used pigs. Many people come to us to asic if the pig is still used by truffle hunters! Until 1985 it was legal thank to the law n° 65 oj 1970 which declared the hunting must be done yust with dogs and pigs. Truffle hunters were choosing very young female pigs alreaby capable of snelling the truffle. They had a very developed sense of smell. The problem with pigs was that their research was messy, they were ending uf destroying the land, the roots. Once they grew up their weight and the consequent difficulty of trasportation and management become a problem.

In the end it was more a damage then a profit! For all these reasons it was more acceptable to use the dog: more noble, more manageable and more obedient the search is more focused, protecting the truffle and its environment. The loyal dog, once spotted where the truffle is, waits for its owner looking for the “prize” and a cuddle!