Fresh truffle

Intense and unique aroma strong flavour

The truffle is considered by all the most noble product of the soil. It’s a hypogeum fungus with a strong, intense, unique aroma. These qualities make the truffle the absolute king of the earth. Since ancient time it was considered precious, like a jewel. It’s presence is certain among babylonians and in the Imperial Rome it was highly appreciated on the table. The pratice of using truffles spread mostly in the Reinassance period. They were the absolute protagonists of many dishes.

A pleasure for the soul as well as for the palate. Truffle are “fruit” of hypogeum fungus.

They live underground and develop near the roots of some species of forest plants with of some species of forest plants with wich they establish a symbiotic relationship. There are over 200 species of different truffles in the world but there are just 30 types in Italy. The colour (black or white), the aroma, the price, the taste, the seasonality and the “peridium” (outer part) make the difference.