Isidori Tartufi

Origin and company history


As a child I liked to spend my day in the bushes with my grandfather Sisto looking for truffles and mushrooms.

I enjoied the silence of the those places broken by the sound of our steps. I’ve always loved the truffle and its sourrounding mysteries I the emotion of leaving at sunrise hoping to find many truffles and of course together with our loyal friend… the dog!

You must know that between the truffle hunter and his dog there is a magic connection, based on glances and helps, which in the middle of the bushes gives the best performance.

When I was young I had a “secret place” where I used to go looking for truffles but some horses were sleeping nearby and my dog “Moretto” was terrified by them therefore I sed to pick it up trying to calm it down into my arms. Moretto gave me many satisfactions and so my 40 years activity. I grew up observing from far professional truffle dealers and I was dreaming to reach the same target.

Thank to loyality and my family’s help I gained the trust of local truffle hunters making me able to guarantee the quality to my customers. I am very proud today to pass on the helm of my company to my son Rossano hoping he will do the same to my grandchildren, Lorenzo and Alessandro, passing on this passion for this marvellous product.

Isidori Paolo